global Intelligence

Global Intelligence

It’s time to take ACTN.

Boldly expand into new markets and manage crises with our help. Our insights go beyond the baseline fiscal factors to look at political instability, leadership tensions, economic manipulation, crime and corruption, and more—from market entry to ongoing operations. With our network of experts plus our world-class intelligence techniques, we’ll analyze your situation and the potential impact of foreign and domestic trends. As a result, leaders get the counsel they need to fully understand new markets and adjust to crises with confidence.

Global Intelligence Services include:

  • Geopolitical trend assessments
  • Crisis intelligence reporting
  • Executive counseling
  • Policy dialogue facilitation
  • Analytic unit development and training


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Leadership in Times of Crisis

With no warning, COVID-19 brought many businesses to a rapid halt. While unfortunate, now is not the time to sit back and wait for others to decide how your organization will return to normal.  

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Conversations on Culture Series – Labor Day.

The formation of the labor movement began in the late 18th century and continued to pick up steam as more and more trades organized and posted wage rates and product prices as a way to keep compensation fair for all. By the late 19th century marches, strikes, and “Labor Parades” were being staged all across the country. The purpose of…

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