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ACTN Strategies’ Aggregate Risk Model

ACTN Strategies is a risk management consulting firm – our team has decades of experience in the field, developing and evaluating the best possible strategies for businesses. We help you identify potential obstacles, prioritize resources, and minimize the cost of unfortunate events (before they even occur). To us, risk management also means positioning clients to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
Sounds good, but how does it work? Using our Aggregate Risk Model, we take a multidimensional approach that gives our clients a full picture of their business environment. We evaluate cultural, environmental, geopolitical, physical, and technological risks so you can take on change with confidence.

A Multidimensional Approach to Risk Management

 Risk management is strategic, multifaceted, and (most importantly) unique to a business. While some risks, such as safety and compliance, are more proscribed, risks to a company’s culture, position in the market, and engagement with external actors require a more individualized risk management strategy. Here are the five risk areas we typically evaluate:


Cultural risks are internal – they come from within a company. They can eat away at productivity, impact employee performance, and affect the bottom line. When we evaluate a business’s cultural risks, we look at the organizational dynamics at play, such as relationships among leaders and the dynamics between management and employees.
Once we’ve identified cultural risks, we offer a range of services to help mitigate them, such as executive coaching and multigenerational workforce planning, depending on an organization’s particular concerns. 


Environmental risks are typically external, but they can have a big impact on a company’s operations. To evaluate a company’s environmental risks, we look at both how the environment can affect the business’s daily operations and how the business impacts the environment.
We design business continuity plans [link to blog] to prepare for emergencies and allow companies to operate through natural disasters.  


Geopolitical risks can be civic, security-related, local or international. We look beyond the baseline fiscal factors and analyze political instability, leadership tensions, economic manipulation, crime and corruption, and more.
To mitigate geopolitical risks, we evaluate ongoing domestic and foreign trends, such as economic fragility and civil unrest, to design strategies for operational resilience. Effective geopolitical risk management requires a holistic strategy that positions a company to capitalize on opportunities or avoid blowback amid ever-changing global dynamics. 


Most companies typically think of physical risks as security related, but our evaluation goes deeper. In addition to developing security and emergency protocols, we look closely at a company’s daily operating logistics. We perform capacity analysis and simulations and design crowd management strategies that keep your operations running smoothly well after we’ve left the conversation.


Much like cultural risks, technological risks can eat away at daily productivity and cost a company dearly. We help businesses proactively prepare for scenarios such as cyberattacks, but we also identify the sometimes easily missed hits to productivity that can result from a misalignment between the technology and the end user. 

At ACTN Strategies, we evaluate risk from every possible perspective to empower our clients to make informed decisions and thrive, no matter what comes their way. To learn more about our Aggregate Risk Model, drop us a line at