A Case Study on Strategic Partnering Facilitation


ACTN Strategies at Work – A Case Study on Strategic Partnering

This is the third installment (and final case study) in our four-part series highlighting real-world challenges that our clients have faced and the approaches we took to solve problems and make an impact. To get up to speed, check out the first two case studies on Crowd Management and Security and Creating Resilient Organizations before reading on.

ACTN Strategies’ Approach to Strategic Partnering Facilitation

Strategic partnering is one of the most effective and proven ways for an organization to scale its work into something transformative and achieve results that are sustainable over time. At ACTN Strategies, we build and repair partnerships by focusing on the human element that underpins all collaboration.

Check out the full case study here to learn more about the four elements—strengthening relationships, serving as a trusted advisor, implementing project management processes, and developing a technology strategy—that our partnership process is built around.

 Partner Facilitation to Achieve a Successful Course Correction

In 2018 a federal agency contracted with our team to facilitate executive planning meetings for a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Our goal was to course-correct programs that were heading towards default or potential arbitration.

After assessing the situation, we identified the most serious communication breakdowns and served as a trusted advisor to begin rebuilding trust between the parties. We then implemented a project management process that increased transparency and improved accountability for timelines and deliverables. Drawing on our own experience, we implemented a technology-based solution that increased efficiency in the partnership’s workflow.

The impact: The program was back on its original timeline and within its operating budget. More importantly, trust and communication were restored to the partnership.

 Rebuilding Collaboration Among Multiple National Security Partners

 In 2018 a separate federal agency retained our team to resuscitate a partnership where the lead contractor was close to terminating and defaulting on a project critical to the national defense of the United States. After assessing the situation, our team implemented a project management system so that all participants understood the roles, responsibilities, action items, and timelines for the project. As a result of our work, the partnership was restored within a matter of weeks.

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Up next, we’re excited to share with you some of the insights and lessons learned from these three case studies as we discuss strategic planning before the next disruption. Stay tuned!