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Crowd Management and Polling Places

By Charity Kilbourn – Sr. Content Leader, ACTN Strategies LLC

With the 2020 presidential election only three weeks away, officials are scrambling to ensure Americans are able to make it safely to polling places and through polling stations in order to exercise their right to vote.

Political Tensions

The rapid increase in divisive rhetoric being spread across social media platforms has sown seeds of doubt in the minds of many Americans. As many as 46% of Americans feel unsure that the election will be fair. Many election officials are struggling to ensure that polling places remain free from intimidation and bad actors.

Social Distancing

The current pandemic has also placed additional strain on election officials. Polling places are typically buildings designed for a completely different purpose, such as churches, schools, and community centers. In the best of times they can be quite confusing to navigate. However, when you add in the need to space everyone 6 feet apart, as well as divide groups into different precincts, it can be downright chaotic.

Practical Solutions

Trying to enforce social distancing guidelines while also striving to maintain rigorous standards during a turbulent election is extremely challenging. But it’s not impossible. One solution is to establish a crowd management and COVID-19 safety protocol by using a team of experts who can provide the following:

Crowd management improves polling place operations and helps to ensure voter confidence in any election. Because the ability to vote with peace of mind is a right, not a privilege.