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Crowd Management Is About Strategy

By Charity Kilbourn – Sr. Content Leader, ACTN Strategies LLC

Crowd management is crucial in order to ensure the safety of patrons and staff at any venue where a large number of individuals could be present. This could be anything from a sporting event, shopping center, museum, and more. While it may seem simple, crowd management is about much more than fencing and barriers.


How would you convey a message to the crowd in a packed sporting event or a crowded airport? In order to maintain a successful operation in any venue, you must have a robust communication system in place. This means making sure you can effectively communicate with crowds, as well as staff, at any time.

Know Your Crowd

The type of venue and expected clients should determine the measures you put in place when it comes to developing your crowd management strategy. You probably would not rely on the same measures for a rock concert as you would a children’s concert. In order to create the best plan for your venue, you must evaluate the demographics of your clients.

Risk Assessment

Preforming a risk assessment prior to opening can reduce the likelihood of an emergency situation. A serious analysis of the location, core systems, escape routes, as well as the surrounding area and available local emergency services, can give you a significant advantage when it comes to preventing a crisis.

Emergency Preparedness

Some emergency situations can not be avoided. Having an emergency preparedness plan in place can ensure management and staff take the appropriate steps when any situation arises.

A great way to establish your crowd or event management strategy is by using a team of experts to provide the following:

With a solid crowd management strategy in place, you are setting your operation up for success in any situation.