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Diversity in the Workplace Is About More Than Training

By Charity Kilbourn – Sr. Content Leader, ACTN Strategies LLC

Most businesses recognize the importance of having a diverse workforce. However, some may be confused on the best way to implement the changes necessary to make it happen.


Diversity training can be a useful tool in a larger, more comprehensive diversity program. When used correctly, diversity training is a great way to cover the basics and help people feel more comfortable talking about a very serious topic. However, far too often it is used by businesses to tick a box ensuring that diversity training has been covered for the year. Diversity training should be used as a supplement to ongoing initiatives that promote social accountability, increase contact among groups, and more.

Ongoing Engagement

Most people have a natural tendency to want to do good and be a part of positive change. However, for many individuals, it can be difficult to determine how to make that happen. Leaders have a real opportunity to facilitate this by setting up opportunities for ongoing engagement. Businesses that create a pathway for employees to become ambassadors for diversity will be rewarded with increased onus and pride among their employees as well as an increasingly diverse workforce over time.

The Right Program

No two companies are exactly the same. We wouldn’t take an employee handbook from one company and use it without any modifications at another company. The same goes for a diversity program. It should be uniquely designed to suit the operational structure and needs of each business.

A great way to do this is by using a team of experts to provide you with an evaluation of your unique operational requirements, ongoing consultation toward development of a comprehensive diversity program, training for you and your staff, and more.

Diversity is too important to become just another box to tick. Making an investment in a robust diversity program now will ensure your business thrives in the future.