How to Build Employee Buy-In


Getting Employee Buy-In

Getting Employee Buy-In

Leadership teams at companies both big and small are making some tough decisions right now. For many organizations, the way we do business has changed over the last year, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that change is constant (and that’s not a bad thing). Strong leaders recognize that a company’s success depends in large part on its people, so with big changes on the horizon, it’s time to focus on getting employee buy-in.

Employee Buy-In is Part of Strategic Planning

At ACTN Strategies we’re experts on Cultural Transformation—shifting workplace practices and culture while maintaining the core essence of an organization. And that can’t be done without truly focusing on employees—the human element.

Employees who understand and feel connected to an organization’s mission typically report higher job satisfaction and motivation. And motivated employees are more productive, have lower absenteeism, and are more likely to stick with a company long-term. So while gaining employee buy-in may take time and additional effort, it’s a vital part of strong leadership, and no matter the size of the company, you can’t afford not to.

How to Get Employee Buy-In

Here are the basic principles to build an engaged workforce that’s bought into the organization’s mission and ready and resilient as changes arise.

Build trust. An employee wants to know that management at all levels has their best interests in mind. To start building trust with your team…

Communicate openly. In leadership, there’s no single skill that is more important than strong communication. To build trust, clearly communicate goals and expectations, and regularly update employees on both team and individual progress.

Engage employees. Communication is a two-way street. Each employee should feel connected to the organization’s mission and know that they are contributing to the team’s success. Regularly soliciting feedback on goals and objectives—and really listening to what employees have to say—will build buy-in.

Each of the above actions is an essential element of strong leadership. We can (and will) go into more detail (in future blogs) about ways to build trust and strengthen communication. Developing an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration and gaining employee buy-in ahead of big changes—which are always right around the corner—is a vital part of good management and a healthy organization.

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