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Strategic Partnering for the Construction Industry

With the recent passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Georgia is gearing up for a number of new construction projects. As government agencies and construction companies seek to set these projects up for success right from the start, we want to share a little about strategic partnering for the construction industry. Strategic partnering is one of the most effective and proven ways for an organization to scale its work into something transformative and achieve results that are sustainable over time. At ACTN Strategies, we build and repair partnerships by focusing on the human element that underpins all collaboration. Here’s what that looks like for the construction industry.

What is Construction Partnering?

Construction partnering brings together key stakeholders—such as the project owner, engineers, designers, and contractors—at the beginning and throughout the construction process to establish goals, develop strategy, open communication, resolve conflicts, and build trust. Construction partnering can be scaled for projects of any size. A neutral professional facilitator guides the process and leads the team in establishing a conflict resolution process before conflict arises. Through construction partnering, lines of communication remain open and regular feedback sessions build trust and keep the team on target.

The Advantages of Construction Partnering

Construction partnering improves communication and builds trust, which results in higher performing, more successful teams. In practice, that looks like on-time, on-budget delivery, eliminating change orders and claims. By co-creating goals and unifying the team around a shared vision of success, construction partnering keeps schedules intact. By developing a conflict resolution ladder with a neutral professional facilitator, issues are resolved quickly without added delays or costs from litigation. At ACTN Strategies we have decades of experience building partnerships for lasting success. We facilitate executive planning meetings, identify communication breakdowns, serve as a trusted advisor, and implement project management processes to course-correct programs that are heading towards default or potential arbitration. We have a proven track record of steering programs back to their original timeline and operating budgets and restoring trust between partners. If you’re gearing up for a new infrastructure project, consider construction partnering to set your team up for success. Drop us a line at to learn more about putting our experience to work for you.