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Strategic Partnering: With an Objective Facilitator, Everyone Wins!

By Sherry Robinson – President & CEO, ACTN Strategies LLC

What is Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering means working with contractors, corporations, federal and state government, among other entities, to establish a win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork, while sharing both risks and rewards. However, as the scope and scale of a project grows, partners sometimes focus on the “end” and not the “means” of managing a business arrangement.

Strategic Partnering Facilitation is Crucial

Finding competent and knowledgeable partners is, more often than not, the easiest aspect of building a partnership. The hard part is figuring out how to create an atmosphere where teamwork and collaboration are always at the forefront. Without it, costly delays and potential lawsuits can become a real possibility.

The Strategic Partnering process strives to proactively mediate project problems in a mutually agreeable manner before major issues arise. It is the “art” or “how” things are being accomplished within a contractual relationship or project.

Successful alliances are focused on managing internal and external stakeholders’ expectations to inspire collaboration. This is where a Strategic Partnering Consultant comes in. Much like a marriage counselor, an objective facilitator works with the partners to establish a Partnership Agreement, create solutions to existing and/or potential problems and minimize risk.

How it works

A Strategic Partnering Consultant works closely with each partner to develop, sponsor, schedule, and conduct a series of partnering sessions in support of the contract’s requirements.

Getting Started

Every project is fluid and unique. That is why picking the right Strategic Partnering Consultant for the job is critical. Our partnering consultants have global expertise in facilitating projects across multiple industries such as government, construction, finance, retail and health science. With years of combined professional experience, ACTN Strategies can help you build rewarding and profitable strategic allegiances through executive coaching, team effectiveness and conflict resolution.