Strategic Resiliency Business Model for a Quick Reopening Post COVID-19


Expect a Quick Reopening

With vaccines rolling out at a rate of upwards of 2 million doses per day, the White House has said that we can begin to expect a return to something more closely resembling normal by midsummer. Along with the increasing vaccine supply, consumer confidence is on the rise, according to the Conference Board, which is another good sign for businesses. 

We’d like to give you the same advice we’re giving our clients right now – expect a quick reopening and start planning for it today. Businesses that are prepared with a plan and a team in place will be best positioned to hit the ground running and get results. 

Businesses with a Flexible Operating Model Will Win

 As we saw early on in the pandemic, companies who were willing and able to pivot were the ones that survived and thrived (check out our previous blog for more on how business has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic). Going forward, we expect that same flexibility will allow businesses that were previously closed or operating at limited capacity to turn on the spigot once again.

The ACTN Strategies Strategic and Operational Resiliency Model

At ACTN Strategies, we have the experience, tools, team, and know-how to help companies get back to business quickly. We’ve developed a Strategic and Operational Resiliency Model for post-pandemic life that balances risk, manages crowds, and provides staffing and resources – all tested and perfected through industry-best simulation. Let’s get into the details:

Risk Management: We use a risk-based approach, employing our aggregate risk model to determine external threats to an organization, its systems, and data.

Operational Incident Management: We employ scalable emergency response processes to capture clear details for all daily incidents and provide support during triage and resolution.

Staffing and Resource Capacity Analysis: We maximize your ability to operate in the new normal with our strategic approach to capacity analysis, which uses holistic criteria to determine optimal results. Our flexible staffing model includes training and quick ramp-up techniques to ensure smooth operations.

Crowd and Event Management: We follow a consistent process for crowd and event management while assessing organizational resource requirements. 

Simulation: We simulate real-world demand and capacity requirements for your operations to help identify potential performance bottlenecks and help ensure safe, smooth daily operations. 

Business resiliency is our niche, and there’s never been a more important time to have the right people on your team. As you prepare to lead your company forward and reopen quickly to recapture customers and market share, let us help. Learn more about our services on our website or give us a call at 770-693-0241.