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The Value of Gratitude

Each November as we approach Thanksgiving, we’re reminded to take stock of all that’s going on around us and to be grateful for who we are, where we are, and what we have. And while the holiday is a great reminder, there’s real value in practicing gratitude year-round. We of course know that conveying gratitude can motivate and generate positive feelings for the person on the receiving end, but practicing gratitude is also strongly and consistently correlated with increased happiness.


What We’re Thankful For at ACTN Strategies 


We can’t possibly say it enough – We are so grateful for both our staff and our clients.


To our amazing staff: We appreciate you. In so many ways it’s been a year of constant change and exponential growth and throughout it all you have been nimble. You’ve pivoted as new projects popped up, and you’ve been patient and committed to our company’s and our clients’ goals. You are important, and we truly value having you as part of our team.


To our wonderful clients: Thank you for trusting us with some of your most pressing challenges. You have a choice of risk management consultancies, and you chose our boutique firm to get in the trenches and work alongside you. ACTN Strategies wouldn’t be the firm we are today without our clients.


How to Show Gratitude to Your Staff 


Good leaders know that a great staff is an essential element of a successful business. And gratitude provides an impressive return on investment; it can improve engagement and morale and lead to increased productivity and retention.


Expressing gratitude is a skill that can be cultivated and improved. Yes, it takes time out of your day, but as a manager, you can think of it as an investment in your workforce. Here are a few ways to convey gratitude to your team:

  1. Write thank you notes. Keep a stack in your office and jot down a couple (specific) sentences to show your appreciation.
  2. Thank your team publicly. When an employee goes above and beyond, let them know you appreciate the extra work by sharing it more broadly. Bonus: It may motivate other employees, too.
  3. Feed your people. We’re all motivated by different things, but so many people appreciate (and feel appreciated) when the boss brings in food. Whether it’s donuts in the morning or pizza at lunch, providing a treat is a good way to show gratitude.

Look for ways to show employees that you’re grateful for what they do in a way that works for them. Inviting the whole team out after work may sound lovely to some, but to others who are ready to get home after a long day, it may not send the same message. Be mindful of who you want to thank and how they may best perceive it.


At ACTN Strategies we are grateful to our staff and our clients, and with your help and trust, we will continue to Rise to Every Occasion.