The Advantages of Touchless Ticketing


Why Touchless Ticketing

Before writing this article, we discussed amongst ourselves, “Are people even still asking this question?” In the age of COVID-19, the advancing technology of the twenty first century, and increasingly high expectations for customer experience, the advantages of using touchless ticketing feel overwhelmingly clear. 

But if you run a business or event, large or small, and are on the fence about making the investment, we’d like to provide you with some information to help make your decision easier.

The Advantages of Touchless Ticketing

As experts on crowd and capacity management, we could really geek-out here on why touchless ticketing is the industry standard. But for the sake of brevity, we’ll boil it down to three essential reasons:

Efficiency means achieving both maximum speed and minimum waste. Digital ticketing is quick, easy, and convenient for customers. It results in less wait time as patrons enter a venue, which in turn both improves crowd management and results in a better customer experience.

As for the other half of the efficiency equation, touchless ticketing can decrease the number of staff members required to collect tickets (allowing staff reallocation to other potential choke points) and increase event security and integrity (but more on that below!).

In the current environment, safety and health are at the top of customers’ minds. As of late March, only 42% of Americans felt comfortable attending a ticketed sporting event, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland Poll. As vaccines become more widely available and that number inches up, venues and events will want to capture as much of that segment as possible. And demonstrating strong crowd and capacity management planning—which includes touchless ticketing—is the way to do so. 

Touchless ticketing reduces face-to-face time between customers and staff and cuts down on wait times in crowded areas, overall reducing the risk of transmitting germs.

Touchless ticketing offers another important advantage over older paper systems – increased ticket security and decreased fraud. Digital ticketing ensures authenticity and can greatly reduce the number of fraudulent tickets being used at high-demand events.

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