By Charity Kilbourn – Sr. Content Leader, ACTN Strategies LLC


The year 2020 has been riddled with disruption. A global pandemic, social unrest and political instability have all brought about changes that have affected small and large businesses alike. How has your organization coped with the changes?

Is Your Business Prepared for More Disruption?

When major disturbances occur, it tends to affect every area of business:

  • Financial – Disturbances in the status quo can create unanticipated strain for company finances.
  • Staff – Abrupt changes can cause an increase or decrease in the number of staff necessary to continue operations.
  • Resources – Disruption can cause a dramatic shift in the number of resources necessary for operation.
  • Supply Chain – Societal changes can also lead to a break down in the supply chain.
  • Performance – Physical as well as emotional stress can cause a dramatic decline in performance.

If you have not actively put systems in place to deal with these types of problems, the situation can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with very few viable options for ensuring operational continuity.

Organizational Change Management and Readiness

The best way to ensure your organization can maintain operational continuity through sudden disruption is to work with a team of experts who will help you develop a change management and readiness program specifically tailored to your institution’s needs. After a comprehensive evaluation of your unique operational requirements, the team will provide you with a personalized strategy that maximizes your operational flow, while implementing measures that minimize or even eliminate disruption to performance.

Making and investment in your organizations operational change readiness now, can save you and your staff time, money, and headaches in the future.