Building Business Resilience and Success Post Pandemic


3 Keys to Success in Post-Pandemic Business

It’s neither a secret nor overstatement to say that the way we do business has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, we reflected on some of changes we’ve seen in how businesses operate one year after pandemic-related shutdowns began. This month, we’re looking forward – here are three keys to success for your organization to explore as companies reopen and find resilience in post-pandemic business.

Remote work can work for companies and employees

A growing number of (not only Tech) companies—including Citigroup, Ford, and Target—are planning for a hybrid office in the future, where employees work a mix of in-office and at-home. In some cases, companies are expecting employees to report to the office a certain number of days a week. For others, it’s project based. The bottom line, though, is that partial remote work is likely here to stay, with an increasing number of employees saying that post pandemic, they would like to continue to work remotely because they prefer it (not because of coronavirus concerns), according to a January Gallup poll.

What does this mean for employers? Potentially smaller real estate requirements, but an increased need for advanced telecommunications technology and extensive training for managers as they learn to balance without bias a hybrid workforce.

Intentional communication goes beyond a team pep talk

…Which brings us to our next point. A successful hybrid work environment requires mindful, intentional communication that reaches beyond day-to-day logistics and pats on the back. Employees are looking for organizations that have purpose and meaningful work that directly contributes to it.

According to a recent McKinsey study, 82% of employees say that it’s important that their organization have a purpose, but only 42% report that their company’s purpose statement has much effect. Organizations that can bridge that gap and clearly articulate their company’s purpose on a real human level will motivate employees and have more success in post-pandemic business.

A nimble business plan and organizational speed are key factors in a business’s success

We’ve previously focused on the necessity of a flexible business model, so here we’ll take a look at the other half of the equation – organizational speed. One of the bigger lessons learned from the pandemic (and it’s obvious if you stop and think about it), is the massive organizational advantage of a streamlined ability to adjust strategy, implement tactical decisions, and deploy resources quickly.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, fast organizations outperformed others on innovation, growth, and operational resilience. Going forward, organizational speed will continue to be a key driver in a company’s success.

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