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How to Build Trust as a Leader

When it comes to building teams and developing leaders, trust is the fundamental element. Employee productivity and commitment increase when they can buy into their leader’s vision and feel supported and heard by their manager. And building trust within a team is the first step in developing a manager into a leader.

Building Trust is a Fundamental Element of Leadership Development

In order to be a leader, you have to have followers. And no one will follow someone who they don’t trust. While employees may very well show up to work and put in the minimum level of effort for their supervisor, a real leader will inspire employees to do their best work – and then get out of their way so they can do it.

Here are three ways to start building trust with your team: 

Be Transparent

Communicate openly. Take the time to clearly communicate goals and expectations, and regularly update employees on both team and individual progress. When you make a big decision, explain what factors weighed into your choice. And when you make a mistake (we all do!), own it – honesty builds trust.

When in doubt, err on the side of sharing more information with your team, not less.

Trust Your People

One of the best ways to earn trust is to extend it to others. Trust that you’ve hired the right people for the job and let them do it. In other words, don’t micromanage. Employees who feel connected to the organization’s mission and know that they are contributing to the team’s success are more likely to stick with a company long term.

Be a Team Player

If you’re new to the group or your role, let your employees know that you’re committed to being part of the team. When you have successes, share praise liberally and publicly (both up and down the chain of command). And when things don’t go to plan, defend your team and serve as a buffer between them and others.


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