Global Intelligence as Part of a Risk Management Strategy


Introducing our Newest Service: Global Intelligence

As a consulting firm that partners closely with clients, gets in the trenches, and meets organizations exactly where they are, we’re tuned in and ready to grow to meet our customer’s needs. After carefully observing trends, listening to our client’s questions, and evaluating our own skillset and expertise, ACTN Strategies is proud to offer Global Intelligence as our newest risk management consulting service.

How Does Global Intelligence Fit into a Risk Management Strategy?

A good risk management strategy is forward-looking and multifaceted – it should address internal, external, and operating factors that can affect a business’s bottom line and operational readiness (to learn more about ACTN Strategies’ multidimensional approach to risk, check out this article.

Global Intelligence identifies, evaluates, and responds to external threats. External risks can be cultural, they can be security-related, they can be local or international. ACTN Strategies’ Global Intelligence services prepare an organization to fully understand new markets and adjust to crises with confidence.

Global Intelligence Services We Offer

Our Global Intelligence services are designed to help companies boldly expand into new markets and successfully manage crises. Our insights go beyond the baseline fiscal factors to look at political instability, leadership tensions, economic manipulation, crime and corruption, and more—from market entry to ongoing operations. We tap into a network of experts, apply world-class intelligence techniques, and analyze your organization’s situation and the potential impact of foreign and domestic trends.

Geopolitical trend assessments. We evaluate ongoing domestic and foreign trends, such as cultural movements, that can directly impact your business.

Crisis intelligence reporting. Whether it’s an ongoing pandemic or a coup in the country where you just built your new international headquarters, we provide insights to prepare you to make decisions in a crisis.

Executive counseling. Knowing how best to navigate external cultural changes is hard. We analyze the situation, evaluate outcomes, and prepare leaders to put their best foot forward.

Policy dialogue facilitation. Not everyone has expertise in the policy realm. We do. And we want to share it with you.

Analytic unit development and training. For companies looking to stand up their own analytic unit, we provide industry best practices and years of experience to help you get it right from the start.

When you’re ready to elevate your risk management strategy, we’re here to help you take a holistic look at threats to your business and position your company to Rise to Every Occasion. Shoot us an email at to learn more.