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The Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce

By Charity Kilbourn – Sr. Content Leader, ACTN Strategies LLC

Too often, we approach the concept of a multigenerational workforce as a problem that must be solved. In reality, a multigenerational workforce is an asset that more companies should aim to possess.


When we think about mentorship, we usually envision an older person mentoring someone younger. It’s true that Baby Boomer and Generation X employees can be excellent mentors to younger generations in areas such as relationship-building and group dynamics. They may also possess a repository of valuable industry insights that they can share.

However, the mentor/mentee relationship can also yield fantastic results when reversed. Millennial and Generation Z employees have a keen understanding mobile computing and social media usage. This information used in conjunction with time tested techniques can make for well-rounded and confident employees.

Market Engagement

The ability to expand your customer demographic is something every business strives for. With a multigenerational workforce, businesses can ensure they have insight into a broader segment of the market. The ability to understand the needs of each generation as it pertains to the company and product is a valuable tool.


It is no secret that different generations approach problem solving in dissimilar ways. However, when cross generational groups are tasked with a finding a solution to a difficult problem, they often times come up with a more creative and innovative solution. This is due to the ability of the group to approach the problem from different angles.

Maximizing Assets

Recognizing the importance of a multigenerational workforce is only the first step in reaping the benefits of this amazing asset. With 5 generations in the workforce today, the potential for businesses is just too big to ignore. A team of experts can help your company foster and grow this dynamic, ensuring you and your employees reap all of the benefits a multigenerational workforce can bring.