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The Value of Strong Branding

Good branding builds value, generates new business, and creates loyal customers. It can be used to build trust both internally with employees and externally with new and experienced customers.

Strong branding is too important to be an afterthought. As you build your business, identify your company’s values, and serve customers, each element should be represented by and deliver on your brand’s promise. Strong branding is part of strategic planning.


Your Brand is Your Business’s Identity

Branding is both a first impression and a promise to your customers. It’s more than a logo and a carefully selected color palette. From your website, to your logo, to your social media presence to each interaction with a customer, your brand should represent the entire customer experience.

Professional branding indicates to customers that you have an established and credible business, and it’s an opportunity to show your company’s personality and values. Your business was created and run by people – branding is a great way to show the human side of your company and to connect with customers on an emotional level.


Good Branding is Memorable

In today’s media-saturated environment, people are exposed to more brands than ever before, and competition for customers is fierce. Your brand should capture people’s attention and be memorable. There’s power in simplicity. You want potential customers to think of your company when they’re ready to use the product or service you sell.

And of course, branding goes hand in hand with advertising – good branding makes you recognizable and allows you to create strong, memorable ads.


Strong Branding Can Motivate Employees and Create Loyal Customers

It’s no secret that employees who are engaged and feel connected to their work are more motivated and more productive (read more about getting employee buy-in here). Strong branding can help foster and build this connection. Branded apparel and even the look of your office space can make employees feel like they aren’t just showing up to do their job but that they’re part of a team. Good branding builds unity.

Branding also invites people to build a relationship with your company. In showing your business’s personality and values you invite interaction that leads to creating loyalty from your customers.


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